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  • Output voltage there is no change of unevenness with kinds. Although output comes out only 5000V, in order to 60 minutes to be cut off with the timer, while sleeping, also it is difficult long haul to use.
  • In case of PH-4500 of the Previous Model, because the timer to 8 hours has been attached, this one is easy to use.
Power Health PH-5000 specification
Medical equipment approval number 21200BZZ00746
Rated voltage AC100V
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Timer 10.20 30.40 50.60 amount
Effective voltage 5000V
Electric power consumption 7W
External size Width 390 x depth 247 x height 250mm
Gross mass 8kg
Selling agency Health Inc.
Manufacturer YUTAKA Electric CO., LTD.
Country of manufacture Made in Japan

Part standard set for Power Health

Single seat Insulated seat Electroscope Instruction manual

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Selling agency: Health Inc.